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Our People

Bring your impact to life.

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Impact obsessed, and client inspired.

Twenty years ago, Social Solutions was founded by social workers, and other well-versed industry professionals. But what they share besides a deep understanding of our clients’ needs is a kind of DNA — they are impact obsessed, client inspired and committed to helping create lasting social change.

Our employees are our most cherished asset, and we’re committed to fostering an inclusive work environment that is diverse, transparent and inspires employees to make a difference for our clients to improve the outcomes for the people they serve. We will 100% continue to nurture our culture in the years to come by supporting individual employee growth, learning and development.

We help nonprofits get to the heart of their data so they can understand the full impact of their work. Social Solutions is committed to our purpose, mission and values, creating a great opportunity for our clients to increase the positive impact they have in the communities they serve. We’re a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation, which means we balance purpose with profit. We are held legally accountable on a number of areas — from clients, to our employees, to our social purpose. As a Public Benefit Corp, we are committed to doing business in an ethical and community driven manner.


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